Let me show you how to consciously access deeper levels of consciousness, release obstacles and claim your beautiful destiny!

AkashicWorkshop.com at Divine Love Institute™

Established in 2008, Nancy Haney Duke is the Co-Founder of Divine Love Institute, a Holistic Health and Wellness Center in Hollywood, Florida. Nancy has been facilitating Akashic Record Workshops since 2004 and is the Developer of the Akashic Records, Wisdom Prayer Process®. Classes are scheduled in person at Divine Love Institute™ and can also be scheduled over Zoom.

Nancy Haney Duke

Co-Founder of Divine Love Institute™

I have always been a seeker of truth, love and harmony. Seeking to discover inner truth. Embracing self and others with love, wisdom and compassion; we are all in this together. And harmony, making sense of it all and creating your unique extraordinary life. This is the formula to make your dreams come true. And, I would love to help you forge the way.


Mission Statement

It is my mission ...

To work with individuals ready to discover and explore their inner truth, love, wisdom and the authority that guides them. Your success IS my success. While my life has been dedicated to teaching personal development and inner change work, my passion is to provide a safe space for you to blossom, develop self-love and grow..

What Our Clients Have to Say

Each and every day I am grateful for my wonderful students, clients and friends and their success stories. We all share a love for the Akashic Records and here you can see why.


Akashic Record Teacher

"What an amazing class, I can't wait to pass this along to my clients. I was so inspired to look at other areas of how to take my business to a new and higher level. Thank you Nancy, as always another avenue of growth."



Akashic Record Practitioner

"I have taken all the Akashic Workshops with Nancy and have had amazing results in my personal growth as well as my healing abilities. I want to acknowledge her for her "Divine" work. She has inspired me to become a better person and to share myself with others."



Akashic Record Practitioner

"The workshop was a powerful and empowering experience. Nancy is a Master Instructor. Her intuitive and gentle guidance created an atmosphere where students attuned and enjoyed the power of self discovery. It was a joyful experience."



Akashic Record Teacher

"Nancy Duke's Akashic Record, Wisdom Prayer Process® Program has deeply changed my life for the better. I started the program in July 2012, since then I have experienced unexpected miracles that made me love this program so much that I decided to become an Akashic Record Teacher at Divine Love Institute™. I highly recommend this program to all those who want to enlighten and empower others to live a meaningful and fulfilled life."



Akashic Record Practitioner

"I was going through a most turbulent time in my life and I needed answers and guidance. Nancy Duke is the one that got me on the right path and attuned me to the Akashic Records. Akashic Records made me more aware of the issues, situations and patterns. It's an ongoing process, the most important part is to ask the correct questions as this will affect the answers."



Akashic Record Teacher

"I found Nancy at a time when I was looking to expand my holistic practices, for myself and then for others ... she introduced me to the Akashic Records and I was blown away. Instantly I knew this was what I needed. I started taking her classes and my life shifted for the better! It made such a profound impact that I knew I had to share this with others. I became a Teacher of the Akashic Records under Nancy's brilliant guidance! What a blessing! Thank you Nancy"



Akashic Record Practitioner

"WOW, the Akashic Workshop is still echoing through my head. I feel like some huge weight is lifted off me, and I also feel like I have some sort of idea of where I am going - have not had that feeling for a long time. The future seems a whole lot friendlier than it did before. I have been getting things done today - feel excited about doing something, anything."



Akashic Record Practitioner

"Nancy, the Akashic Records have changed my life. The way I look at, absorb and deal with new and ongoing issues is very different now. In addition to guiding me through issues, it is the place where I feel safe and protected. I am so grateful to have learned this skill and to be able to utilize it to enrich and enhance my life."



Akashic Record Practitioner

Nancy's Akashic Workshop are such an eye-opening journey. Nancy takes you through a healing process of growth and helps you access the potential within yourself that you probably didn't believe you had. She helps you see the possibilities and opportunities all around you. Nancy helps you see the relationship between yourself and the divine nature of the universe. I highly recommend you take her courses!

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