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Ancient KeyThink of The Akashic Records as an Empowerment, Not a Divination Tool.

I refer to the Akashic Records as an empowerment as opposed to a divination tool. This is because The Akashic Records are an energetic repository of information in their raw state. This means that the information which has been imprinted into the records remains there, as it was imprinted, until it is referenced or interacted with. This information is neutral, does not have a point of view. And as a result, it will not argue with you or try to convince you. This is because it is neutral by nature therefore, it  does not tell you what to do. This energetic information, sometimes referred to as memory, becomes dynamic through your questions. So as you may already know, the way you formulate questions is important. The choices you make and the actions you take consciously or unconsciously are important as well. And remember, free will to choose and create future possibilities is always available to you.

Below you will find a list of questions often asked, followed by a list of what the Akashic Records is not. Please contact me if your questions have not been answered from the information below.

Frequently asked Questions About Akashic Records WISDOM PRAYER PROCESS®:

The Akashic Records translates beautifully to online platforms such as Zoom or can be done in person.

Learning Akashic Records is safe and harmless. It is a way to connect and co-create with spirit. It is a self-help technique for spiritual development.

Spiritually based, learning to read your Akashic Records is learning a system to positively improve your life and help others.

When accessing your records, the process itself is a natural way to enter another level of consciousness. It is a process of working with sacred, encoded prayers. Once attuned, the prayers serve as "keys" to access the Records.

It is not channeling in the classical sense, you are relaying information from the Records. It has been referred to as conscious channeling. It is a way to experience and maintain a deeply personal connection to your Creator.

Learning to access your Akashic Records is life-changing. It is a training that is to say  once learned, you "own" it for the rest of your life. This means you can access this energy whenever you desire. You learn a series of processes to assist you to consciously create and direct your own reality.

I think of learning the Akashic Records as an empowerment rather than a divination tool. This means you always have free will and as such approach the Akashic Records with empowering questions following guidelines given during the class. As questions are asked, a gentle form of guidance  unfolds to assist the self and others. As a self-empowered person, you are always the final authority to accept or reject any guidance given.

Accessing your Akashic Records is a way to deepen, feel, interact and express your Divinity. As you access your Records you are accessing levels of information from higher levels of consciousness. By accessing these levels of consciousness there is an opportunity for personal and generational healing and a place to experience unconditional love.

Yes, another level of consciousness that is available to us. One way to look at it is as an exploration and personal development through deeper levels of consciousness that may be grounded and useful in our present world.

Yes, through accessing the Records there is a process to energetically contact loved ones who have passed. You are able to obtain closure or achieve forgiveness. As a result, receive messages or greater understanding of past and current events.

Everyone's experience is uniquely their own. Some experience the Records through the senses at first, many experience it as a knowing. Some describe it as an exploration into sacredness to receive deeper insight and inspiration. Still others have an experience of timelessness. That is to say the past, present and future converge into greater possibility. As long as you follow the guidelines, your experience in the records is perfect for where you are in your spiritual development.

The Akashic Records WISDOM PRAYER PROCESS® is not:

  • Psychic prediction
  • Mind readingDLI Column
  • Mind control
  • Thought transference
  • A meditation program
  • A substitution for medical treatment or therapy
  • Affiliated or connected with any religious beliefs or a cult
Opportunity for individual advancement and growth have been designed into the Akashic Record WISDOM PRAYER PROCESS® Workshops and classes.
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