“Your life is a book. Some have written half-way, some, three-quarter way. You have the opportunity to write and rewrite the book of your life. Make sure you write a masterpiece.” – Author: Nike Campbell Fatoki


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Akashic II

Akashic Level II Workbook

Attune to the Level II Prayer and learn to access the Akashic Record of others. You will also learn a process to identify and clear ancestral patterns.

Attune to the energy encoded within the Level II, Akashic Record Wisdom Prayer “Key.” As a result, learn to read the Record of others. Focus on guidelines and contrast experienced in the Record of others. Learn processes to identify, explore and shift ancestral and family patterns.



Highlights of the Introduction to Learn Akashic Record, Level II

  • Attune to the energy of the Akashic Record through the use of a sacred prayer to access the Record of othersDLI
  • Learn Level II guidelines. Then notice how are you able to compare and contrast with level I
  • Work with symbolic language brought forth for others. Then learn how to discover meaning and context
  • Learn to work with “the art of the question” within the Akashic Record of others. Consequently, discover when to move beyond the art of the question
  • Discover processes that transmute forgiveness into freedom
  • Identify and restructure ancestral patterns and discover the purpose they serve
  • Connected to the Akashic Record for yourself or another. Experience an empowering process of transformation working with concepts of divinity and grace

Learn Akashic Record Program begins with the basics of attuning to levels I and II Encoded Sacred Prayers:

  • Learning to access information from the Akashic Record for yourself as you access your own Record in Level I
  • Learning to access the Akashic Record of others in Level II, clear and shift ancestral patterns

The emphasis of levels I and II is to attune, access and interpret the information contained within the Akashic Record for yourself and to discover ways you may assist others.

Now it’s time to integrate all we have learned and move to Akashic Record Level III.

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