“Life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw

The Lore of Akashic Record

The akashic record is described as containing all knowledge of human experience and the history of the cosmos. They are metaphorically described as a library. Other analogies commonly found in discourse on the subject include:

  • A “universal supercomputer”
  • The “Mind of God” and
  • “God’s Memory”

People who describe the Record assert that they are constantly updated automatically through our thoughts, words and actions. Moreover, they can be accessed through through hypnosis and other ways such as through a sacred prayer.

Today we look at the Akashic Records as accessing a level of consciousness. The word Akashic (as in Akasha) is a Sanskrit word meaning sky or ether. It is an intangible substance, primordial in nature, that from which all is made.

Consequently, when you learn to access the Akashic Record using the Wisdom Prayer Porcess®, you are learning to enter another level of consciousness.

Access Your Akashic Record Program

Ancient KeyAll Akashic Record Workshops are Certifications

There are four Parts to the Akashic Record Program

  • Spiritual Development: Part I – consisting of Levels I, II and III
  • Professional Akashic Record Consultant is Part II
  • Akashic Record Life Coach is Part III
  • Licensed, Certified Akashic Record Teacher is Part IV

WWP LogoOverview

Akashic JournalToday you are able to access your Akashic Records through the use of ancient, updated technology; a sacred encoded prayer.

When Attuned with the Akashic Field of Energy you align through this ancient technology. As you open your heart and mind you are ready to retrieve information from your Akashic Record.

But, you must first learn how to access your own Record in order to accomplish this.



Level I

You are shown how you can access your Akashic Record in Level I Workshop.  For example, youSpirals can shift and let go of the old. Then as a result, working with what is possible for you now you begin to formulate and create your new reality.

You can awaken, enlighten and validate through your questions during an Akashic Record Consultation. Most importantly, learning how you can access your Akashic Record is a self-empowerment. Subsequently, your journey of spiritual personal development is enhanced.

A Certification is awarded when you successfully complete each level of the Akashic Record Certification Workshops.

There are three main parts for personal development within the Akashic Record, WISDOM PRAYER PROCESS®

Once the Personal Development Series has been completed, you can continue your journey through the Professional Consultant level. From there, become an Akashic Record Life Coach. And if it is right for you, move into Teacher of the Akashic Records.

Part I

 Spiritual Personal Development

  • Learn to Access your Akashic Record in Level I
  • Access the Akashic Record of others and ancestral clearing in Level II
  • Integration of Levels I, II, learn advanced techniques and re-write your karmic contract in Level III

“Your key to conscious creation”

The intention of Levels I, II and III are spiritual personal development. Enter deeper levels of consciousness through teachings and exercises that are provided. In the beginning you may find that writing in your journal forms a stronger connection with the Records.

Discover what is motivating you, the practitioner, to begin anew. As a result, access greater possibility as you consciously create.  And, explore your role in what you have already created in your own reality. For example, what new direction are you now ready to manifest?


Level II

In Level II, you learn new ways to assist others while clearing yourself.  This means you,  theSpirals Akashic practitioner is empowered with “tools” to clarify and release old patterns, fears and beliefs. This means that you are able to identify and shift ancestral patterns. As a result, information from your Akashic Record is accessed and shifted as you bring it forth.

You have access to the Akashic Record of others once you attune to the Level II Prayer. That is to say, you are poised to assist others as they grant permission to enter their Record.

Level IIISpirals

Then it all comes together in Level III. That is to say, you integrate and take measure of all you have learned. What have you shifted and let go of? As a result, you are able to make room for the new as you release what no longer serves you. Consequently, you are ready to re-write your Karmic Contract.


In this stage, you have completed Akashic Record Workshop Levels I, II and III. This is the part of the Program that is designed for spiritual personal development and helping others. As a result, your growth has just begun because you now have had the opportunity to:

  • Learn ways to strengthen, expand and develop a mature relationship with Creator/Source. This is because through Levels I and II you have accessed your Akashic Record and the Record of others.
  • Access deeper levels of consciousness as you consciously create your own reality. Transform old patterns. This means that outdated, real-time manifestations and perceptions can be transformed through the concept of Divine Grace (which is learned in Level II).
  • Identify fears and beliefs. Then create greater function and purpose in life as you shift, release and transform those fears and beliefs.
  • Establish your personal relationship with the Karmic Board. And as a result, experience ways you may resource their qualities, wisdom and compassion.

You Will Also:

  • Awaken to deeper levels of understanding previously unknown to you. Then you are able to gain greater awareness of your world and the authority that guides you.  As a result you recognize new ways available that provide you with the opportunity to create greater choice. Consequently, this leads you to greater freedom and possibility you are able to express in your life.
  • Access and read the Akashic Records for self and others. Release programs of outdated karma for yourself through your training and opportunity. Fears and beliefs have also been transformed through the work you have done in the Record of self and others. As a result, your foundation has strengthened through practice and journaling.
  • Receive a Certificate for each Level of the Akashic Records Workshop when successfully completed. Upon successful completion of Level III, receive a Certificate as Akashic Records Reader.

Advanced Programs

As your journey continues, the additional parts of Akashic Program open up.

  • Professional Consultant3D-universe
  • Life Coach
  • Teacher

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