“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.” – Henry David Thoreau, Author, Poet, Philosopher

WPP Green LogoBecome an Akashic Record Professional Consultant

Imagine yourself as an Akashic Record Professional Consultant.

By this time you have experienced many “ah ha” moments. And as a result, you are moving in a direction of greater clarity and empowerment. Because of this, you as a student have experienced deep satisfaction and manifestation working in the Records.

Would you like to continue your journey in the Records?

The Wisdom Prayer Process® Licensed, Certified Programs offers opportunity and choice. If you qualify,  you may choose from Akashic Records:

  • Professional Consultant
  • Life Coach
  • Teacher

Move through these levels one-at-a-time. When you do, you will appreciate the subtly of each Program. For example, the role of a Professional Consultant and Life Coach have their individual goals and functions. And, this becomes even more evident when working with your clients.  While each level is unique, they naturally blend with each other.


Imagine Yourself as a Powerful Agent of Change

You become even more powerful when you work with Consultant and Life Coach Programs in combination. Because we include mentorship in the Program, you are supported and guided as your skills are developed.

Are You Ready to Become An Akashic Record Professional Consultant?
Greater possibility unfolds when empowered through the Wisdom Prayer Process®
Akashic Professional Consultant

Akashic Professional Consultant Workbook

As a Professional Consultant, you begin working with the Wisdom Prayer Key™ of “Light.” The “Key of Light” (the Prayer) lays the foundation for your work with the shadow self.

Your Mentoring Program offers additional Wisdom Prayers.

Open to reveal expanded views and perceptions. As a result, you learn through experience while  transforming aspects of your Shadow Self.  This causes your work in the Records to bring to “Light” hidden, previously unknown fears, beliefs and perceptions. Consequently, you can readily shift aspects of the shadow that are ready to be released. Additionally  you will gain greater insight. As a result, you become aware of ways you can create your own reality. This means you now have access to greater resource and possibility previously unknown to you.

This Level of Akashic Record focuses on the Shadow Self

At this point, there are unknown and hidden aspects waiting for you to transform them. As this happens, they are brought to the surface. Consequently, you are able to bathe, purify and transform these aspects within the “Light.”

WPP Green LogoWhat is Your role as an Akashic Records Professional Consultant?

Your role as a Professional Consultant is one who has experience and expertise working within the Records in a specific way. This means deeper solutions can rise to the surface working within the Wisdom Prayer Process®. Consequently, this Program requires intense study and mentorship. As a bonus, you gain experience while working with clients.

You have already experienced an intense training working in the Akashic Records. But now, its time to shift. The focus is now on clearing the shadow self, while navigating clients to possibility.  As a result, shifts occur. And, the Akashic Field opens to reveal greater possibility.

Your goal is now to reveal answers and content brought forth through the purity and timelessness of the Akashic Records

As a result, the soul experiences harmony. Consequently, answers you bring forth in response to the client’s questions also reveal patterns ready to shift.

You will learn advanced techniques. Consequently, combining focused access in the Record, opens pathways of unlimited possibility.

Deeper wisdom is revealed through you. As a result, you bring forth deeper  perspective and clarity of purpose. Consequently, you gain experience and clear while helping others.

As an experienced Professional Consultant you have been trained in advanced Akashic Records techniques. You may notice, this is the time additional possibilities naturally begin to flow forth. As a result, progressive steps or actions are revealed. This provides the perfect opportunity to shift, release, create harmony and achieve the client’s goals.

Consultations are scheduled on an individual basis.

Consultations are scheduled when requested by the client. Consequently, there is no  required number of Consultations to achieve a particular goal or result. The client determines this. However, there may be occasions when the client is actively working on a particular issue. When this occurs, they may request consultations on a more frequent basis.

As a Certified Akashic Records Professional Consultant, you have met the requirements of the Program.

In the Akashic Records Professional Consultant Program you have the opportunity to:
  • Attune to two additional Prayers (Keys). You attune to two additional Prayers, the “Light” Prayer for Self and Others
  • Work with additional encoded Prayers (Keys) and Processes.  These prayers andDLI processes are not contained within the Akashic Records Personal Development.
  • Experience a powerful Workshop. Explore elements of the shadow self. As a result, you learn advanced techniques and new information.
  • Learn a process that becomes natural.  With this process you can clear yourself. Consequently, you will gain clarity consulting with clients. Also, your clarity increases as you work with the “Light” Prayers (Keys) for self and others.
  • Be mentored one-on-one by Nancy Haney Duke, Certified Teacher. Nancy is the  Developer of the Wisdom Prayer Process®.
  • You will learn as you work in the “Field.”  As a result, you will create greater opportunities for yourself and your client. Consequently, discover what being a Professional Consultant means to you.
  • Explore and create new strategies. You can employ these strategies to manifest your business. Because, you learn how to attract clients through the Akashic Records.
The Akashic Record Wisdom Prayer Process®

The Wisdom Prayer Process® is the registered trademark of Nancy Haney Duke. Nancy is the Developer of the WISDOM PRAYER PROCESS®.

Only teachers Licensed and authorized through Nancy Haney Duke at Divine Love Institute™ are Licensed and Certified.  As a result, only you, as Licensed, Certified Teacher has permission to teach this Akashic Record Program.

To become a Professional Consultant:


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