The Magic of Akashic Prayer

Did you know that we are all expressions of God, Spirit, Source, the All That Is? The question then becomes, how is your expression showing up in your world? And, how do you feel about what and how you are expressing? Are you happy with your life the way it is now?  Are you curious and would you like to make changes? And, are you ready? These are all questions easily explored from the pages of your Akashic Records.

This may be a lot to think about, however when working in the Akashic Records it’s easy to receive these answers. Consider how you are showing up in the world for yourself and others as expressed through your inner truth, the truth of who you really are expressing from your soul.

Access a Deeper State

As you go about your everyday life in your normal waking state, you are working with your conscious mind. To access your Akashic Records a deeper state is required.

While many have spoken of various ways to enter the Akashic Records, I have found the most elegant and direct way to be through prayer.

An Akashic Prayer contains transformative qualities that transport the practitioner through the subconscious to connect heart, mind and soul.

The Akashic Prayer contains the qualities of love, light, truth and grace. When you enter the Akashic Prayer, as if like magic, you are divinely transported and are taking on the qualities and wisdom of that for which you are praying.

Surrender to Go Deeper

What this means for the practitioner (you), as you enter the prayer is that you need only hands-in-akashic-prayersurrender. To surrender is to step into the quality of trust. As you assume this quality through to the process of this sacred wisdom prayer you are divinely connecting.

From this point on, you are in your Records. Since the Akashic Records are experienced from another level of consciousness, notice a difference. This difference is unique to each of us and does not always express itself in the same way. Ask: “Are my Akashic Records open?

Remain Neutral, Release Judgement

When going into the Records it’s important to release judgement, remain neutral and become aware. So, stop for a moment and notice. Are you noticing through your senses? What are you feeling? What are you seeing or hearing? For many their knowingness is just that, a strong feeling of knowingness that transcends the senses. The more you act upon your feelings and knowingness, the stronger and more confident you become in your Records.

  • Trust yourself and trust the information you’re receiving
  • Have faith for faith combined with imagination = creation
  • Your belief is expressed through the Akashic Prayer and as you believe you receive

Prayer as Belief

The prayer keeps you on course and leads you to your destination. As you enter the Akashic prayer, you are expressing your belief that this is what you want, even if in your present conscious state, you know it now defies the senses. Think of it as a navigational tool that directs your subconscious to where you want it to go.

Attune to Akasha

The Wisdom Prayer Process® offers an attunement. This means when you enter the Prayer you are tuning in to a frequency, a vibration or level of consciousness that your energy is already familiar with. You know it and it knows you. It is analogous to an internal GPS and guides you directly into your records.

Once you have reached your destination allow your awareness of it to step forward and greet you for you have arrived. Feel it, hear it, see it. In your full expression of faith, know that you are there. Allow your senses to expand. Observe changes no matter how subtle, within yourself and in the world around you and trust your observations.

Please remember, when you enter Akashic Prayer, it is not just words you recite. You are taking on the mantel of consciousness of God, Spirit, Source:

  • Protected by God’s love and truth
  • Immersed in the essence of love, light, truth and grace
  • Through your connection you are receiving wisdom contained within the Akashic Records

Consequently, it’s important to remember while working in the records through the energy of this sacred encoded prayer, you are entering a field of consciousness aligned and merged with the creator. To be successful, you must in kind assume the quality of the consciousness desired.

As Gandhi said: “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” You must become as that.

Trust and Acknowledge What You Receive

This means when receiving Akashic information, to deny, or argue with the information given takes you into another level of vibration, another level of consciousness. As a result, you are no longer vibrating at that level of your Akashic informational access.

This is an important distinction as I have observed Akashic Practitioners wanting to disagree with information received. This is mostly due to the practitioners misunderstanding the nature of Akashic and can be more confidently understood by formulating the art of how you ask questions, remaining neutral and releasing expectations of answers received.

Ask a Question

Since the Akashic information is in its raw state as we access it, it is neutral in nature and will not course correct on its own. For instance, if you ask a question that is incomplete or ambiguous, Akasha will not say: “Oh, you are asking this question, but I know what you really mean is ____________.”

Akasha will answer the question you asked (if it is an appropriate question), as you have asked it and not reinterpret, or mind read. The answer given is the response to the question asked.

For deeper information it is better to ask additional questions and to perfect your art of asking questions in the Akashic Records. The more time you spend in your Records, the better you become.  Your practice with others very quickly deepens your skill and confidence working in the Akashic Records.

In Conclusion:

  • Through the Akashic prayer we are communicating with our subconscious. Think of the  subconscious as representing what man is and the conscious as what man knows.
  • In the Akashic prayer we are going somewhere. We pray with a belief that even though in our present state we cannot see, feel, touch, taste or smell our destination, Akashic prayer is the pathway through which we gain access
  • In our prayer our belief is expressed. This signals our subconscious to switch gears, to move along another pathway and access another level of consciousness, thus we gain access to a different level of expression and information
  • Information contained within our Records is neutral, in its raw state and answers received are in response to questions asked. If you desire a better quality of information, go deeper into your Records through the quality of questions asked. The Prayer gets us into the energy of the Records, from there you manage the questions.


Nancy Duke

The author of this post is Nancy Haney Duke, Co-Founder of Divine Love Institute. In addition to Teaching others how to access their Akashic Records, Nancy frequently schedules Hypnosis and NLP Certification Training and holds Gendai Reiki circles and training for the Divine Love Institute community.

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