Akashic Records = God’s Memory


People have attempted to describe the Akashic Records in many ways. One reason for this is because, once you learn how to access your Records you notice ways your Records seem to be connected to almost everything. And, you know what? That is because they are!

When you think of the Akashic Records, think of an interconnected matrix like web that energetically holds everything together. You could likened it to the internet.

In my years of teaching Akashic, I have found connecting to the Records to be the strongest connection that I have been able to maintain. And as a result, I am almost always in my Akashic Records. This is why I recommend you do the same only after you are comfortable with accessing your own Records. Once you make your connection, for example in the morning, you can train yourself to stay in that connection throughout the day.

It’s important for you to know

Once you enter Akasha, you have entered another level of consciousness. This means once entered, you are in an altered state of consciousness. This means, as a new student you are advised to use caution when and where you open your Records. I also recommend you NOT drive with your Records open. For most, It takes time, trust and internal knowing to attune to the Akashic energy.

Begin by anchoring in your coordinates (entered your Records and form your unique connection). Then develop feelings comfort, confidence and knowingness within your connection. For some this is a process. Consequently, your energy is adjusted to your individual vibration. Because of this, spending long periods of time in Akasha becomes quite comfortable and comforting.

This has tremendous advantages for you that I will talk more about at a later time.

Once you have established your connection

Your connection to your Records has been established. With practice, you can rest assured that your connection remains throughout the day. Even though you maintain your connection, this does not mean it is necessary for you to continually “work in your Records.”

You can go about your daily routine, and you’ll notice your Records are silent. This is because the Records are running quietly in the background. However, if you are interrupted by a disturbing event, phone call or other distracting news, you are already in Akasha and have instant access. You’re still connected! When you call upon the Records for assistance, they are there ready to assist you.

I liken Akashic Records to the internet and  computer software programs

computer-software-programOnce again, think of Akasha as the world wide web. Think about the Records as your software programs, your individual in-formation. When you open a program and are actively working within it, when you finish, you may close out the program (this would be exiting your Akashic connection). Or, you can leave the program running in the background. Sometimes we do this inadvertently. If it’s silently running in the background you may even forget about it. This is OK, because when you need it, it is right there for you, ready to go.

Sometimes the program may seem to time-out on you. When this happens, you can refresh. If you inadvertently close out or fall out of your Records, you can easily, immediately re-enter by simply going back into your Records.

But what are you really connecting to?

I think of Akasha (as in Akashic Field) as the interconnecting web. It is a field of information that in-forms, and this information is preserved and available to us. And, I think of the Record (as in Akashic Record), as information stored that is specific to each individual. This information is imprinted and preserved, available to be retrieved. If you continue to think of Akasha as an internet connection to the world wide web, you are able to access all kinds of information. Everything has an Akashic Record. There is information contained within the Akasha as well as your individual Record that you are not even aware of. So, this repository of information in-forms us as we interface with it.

How do we interface?

So as you can see, Akashic Records is a repository of information that in-forms us as we connect to it. However, there is another crucial step. After you have formed your connection to your Records, you will want to gather information. To retrieve information, you must interact with your Record. One way you can do this is by asking questions. It is your questions that start the energy moving. This is what lights up and activates areas of the Records where answers to your questions reside.

Your Akashic web has information stored from all time. Everything that ever was, has been or will be has already been created, imprinted, recorded and preserved.

What about Akasha from a spiritual perspective?

I think of Akasha and the Akashic Records as a spiritual connection.  Even though I have compared Akasha and the Records to the internet, which is not especially spiritual, accessing your Akashic Records IS.

This is because what you are really doing when you access your records is tuning into a field of cosmic information that has been preserved and in-forms.

Akashic Records = a Field of Memory

That’s right! The Akashic Records from a spiritual perspective is your field of information that in-forms you once you interact with it. It has been called God’s Memory. This means the information that is stored in your Records contains your past, present and future possibility. All that has ever been, is now or ever will be. And, once you know how to access your field of information, you have access to all that has been preserved and stored throughout the universe within Akasha.

An altered state?

Remember, when you tune into Akasha you are entering an altered state of consciousness. And, when you enter this deeper, altered state, you gain access to a deeper level of information. As we have already said, when you access deeper levels of consciousness you gain access to deeper levels of information.

This means that when you tune into God’s Memory, you gain access to the information contained within God’s Memory. This is not something hidden from us, you just have to know how to access it. This knowing also includes realizing that you have a right to this information. Especially about yourself and the universe. You would never enter the Akashic Records of another without permission and I will talk more about this later.

You can travel in time

book-of-lifeSo, gaining access to your own Records in Akasha, you can go into your past. You can reference your present (which is always becoming your past). And, you can analyze future possibilities you might want to further explore. Your future has a menu of possibilities to choose from (more on this later). What is important to know now is that your destiny is not etched in stone.

You have choice from a framework of possibilities.

This is why in an Akashic Consultation using the Wisdom Prayer Process®, your questions asked are important. Your questions, working with the art of the question, determine what Akashic information is revealed. I bring this up now because a consultation without a purpose may leave you feeling wanting.

Access your past to gain knowledge about your present

For example, at times you may access your Akashic Records and ask what or who you were in a past life. In order to have impactful meaning, it is more insightful when anchored to a situation, event or frame of reference in this lifetime. While the information may be accurate, it is without context. As a result, it may lack meaning for the individual.

The information held in Akasha is neutral (you give it meaning). So, in order to connect to the information and answers you are looking for, it is important for you to be aware of how you are framing your questions. This means it is important to remain neutral when you work in your records.


What did you learn?

  • You now know that the Akashic Records or the Akasha web of information operates similar to the internet and computer software programs
  • In the Records you are in an altered state of consciousness and, with practice, you are able to maintain your connection throughout the day without having to continually interact with the Records
  • To wrap this into spiritual terms, you would think of the Akashic Records as God’s Memory. A field of cosmic information regarding your past, present and future possibilities. This field of information preserves and in-forms. And, if you know how, you are able to gain access
  • Anyone can access this field and retrieve information once they know how
  • It’s important for you to remain neutral while working in the Records and to be mindful of how you ask questions

Nancy Duke

The author of this post is Nancy Haney Duke, Co-Founder of Divine Love Institute. In addition to Teaching others how to access their Akashic Records, Nancy frequently schedules Hypnosis and NLP Certification Training and holds Gendai Reiki circles and training for the Divine Love Institute community.

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