“You and I are essentially infinite choice makers. In every moment of our existence, we are in that field of all possibilities where we have access to an infinity of choices.” – Deepak Chopra, Physician and Writer

Learn Akashic Records Level III

Re-write your karmic contract and step into your souls’ mission.

In Level III you will attune to a deeper understanding of your souls mission. Consequently, you learn to shift and release old patterns and measure personal growth. This means that you can finally let go of what no longer serves you and transform your life. As a result gain clarity on future possibilities. Work with advanced techniques and processes to consciously create your life and re-write your karmic contract.

Learn Akashic Record Level II: Are You Ready to Deepen Your Understanding and Help Others?

If you are ready now, would you like to …

  • Deepen your understanding of and in the Akashic Records?
  • Welcome an extraordinary life of your own creation?
  • Consequently take conscious steps to create your own reality from greater possibility?
  • Work with “key” Akashic Records processes of wisdom, insight and grace?
  • Unlock and as a result, live from your individual divine potential?

Once you have completed Level II, learning to access the Record of others, it’s time to integrate and appreciate where you are now by learning Akashic Records Level III.

Learn Akashic Record Level III is an advanced Akashic Records program. This means it is intended and designed for you if you:DLI

  • Have successfully completed the Akashic Records Levels I and II
  • Experienced and acknowledged insight revealed in levels I and II and
  • Are now ready to step into your role of responsibility. That is to say you create and explore your own reality from possibilities now available to you. And as a result you will be working with a spiritually based program of empowerment and manifestation. Then, re-write your Karmic Contract

At the completion of the Learn Akashic Record Spiritual Personal Development, Levels I, II and III, you will have a complete understanding of:

Akashic III

Akashic Level III Workbook

  • What the program is
  • Why the program was created
  • How it stands apart from all the rest and
  • Consequently, ways you can incorporate the Akashic Records to make your life extraordinary
  • How you can let go of the past. And as a result, implement the changes you desire and re-write your Karmic Contract



Take the next step

Spiritual Personal Development is the Intention of the first three levels of Akashic Records Certifications. This means that once you have completed the first three levels, you are now ready to consider becoming a Professional Consultant.

The Akashic Records WISDOM PRAYER PROCESSĀ® Program offers additional growth for self and others. In the next Level you will receive:

  • Additional prayers
  • Processes
  • Techniques and
  • Information not offered in Basic levels

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