“The answer to all of life’s problems are out there somewhere, it’s just a question of finding the right book.” – Author: Tammy Blackwell

Learn Akashic Record Level I: Discover and Create The Manual For Your Life

We begin with a of study basic and advanced techniques toward Akashic Record Certification. This means your journey begins with a dynamic program of spiritual personal development. This includes Levels I, II and III.

Spiritual Personal Development is the Intention of the first three levels of Akashic Record Workshops and Classes.

As you move through levels of the Akashic Record you are moving through levels of consciousness. Consequently, you have the opportunity to become deeply aware of what you have created.  To clarify, you will become aware of what has served you and what no longer does so. Ask in the Record what is possible for you now to create, and what are you ready to release.

Most importantly, access information for your greater awareness and personal growth. Consequently, you can choose to act on it or not. The choice is ALWAYS yours.

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Akashic Level I

Akashic Level I Workbook

Learn how to access your own Akashic Record and guidelines.  Navigate through this energy and formulate questions.

In this Workshop Training, you align to the energy encoded within your individual Akashic Record. Then attune to the Wisdom Prayer “Key” for Level I.  As a result, you are ready to explore possibilities. Release the what is out-dated, create and consciously manifest your own reality while working within the Akashic Field.

The focus of the Akashic Record Personal Development Workshops: 
  • Learn to access and consult your Akashic Record in Level I
  • Then your next step is to learn to access the Record of others in Level II
  • In Level III it all comes together as you integrate all you have learned and re-write your Karmic Contract.
Through the use of an Akashic Record encoded, sacred prayer you will:

First learn how you can access the Akashic Record. Second, become familiar with processes and techniques that attune and align you to the Record. As a result, you will learn how to investigate, navigate and interpret information brought forth from this sacred field of energy.

Highlights of Akashic Record Level I

  • Learn what the Akashic Record is and how it works. As a result, explore possibilities to create your own reality working with and in the Records
  • Attune to the energy of the Akashic Record through the use of a sacredDLI prayer to access your Record
  • Learn and work with guidelines to enter and exit the Akashic Record. Consequently, discover the purpose they serve in your life
  • Learn the “ins and outs” of constructing questions that will bring you answers you seek. This is known as “working with the art of the question”
  • Discover the significance of symbols in the Record for knowledge, direction and understanding
  • Explore ways to release the power of receiving to empower your life purpose
  • Connect to the divinity within your Akashic Record. That is to say, explore possibility and potential
  • Learn about understanding and peace as you access the energy of those who have crossed over

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