Why Learn to Access Akashic Records?

Did you know that anyone can learn to access their Akashic Records?

The Akasha is like an interconnected web of information we can connect to if we know how.

And, did you know there is an easy way to form this connection? It can change your life in amazing ways including the lives of those around you.

Did you know, you don’t have to figure it out because I can show you how!


On first encounter with an Akashic Consultation or listening to someone who is working in the Akashic Records, it may sound psychic. Which means there may be similar concepts mentioned and the language used during akashic communications may sound very similar.


There is a difference

Akashic Consultations as used with the wisdom prayer process® is considered an intuitive process.


Each time you enter your records, you are entering another state of consciousness. And as you do this, you notice a difference. Everyone’s experience is unique to them. Some feel heightened sensations and to others it is a knowingness. There are several ways to notice you are in the experience of Akasha so notice its uniqueness as experienced by you. The akashic practitioner realizes they are not the same, something is different.


Accessing deeper levels of consciousness gives you access to different information

Knowing this, you can now gain access to levels of consciousness where you have access toancient-library information stored within these deeper levels. This is one reason yogis and deep meditators have access to deeper levels of information and aha moments. They know how to enter deeper states of consciousness.

As explained in the book, The immortal Mind by Ervin Laszlo and Anthony Peake:

“Because our individual consciousness is an integral part of the holographically entangled Akasha, everything that takes place in our consciousness is integrated with other instances of localized consciousness in the universe.”

How exciting!

This means, if you know how to access our Akashic Records, you too have access to this information. It’s like someone giving you the keys to the kingdom.

What a gift! Once you have access to this deeper level of information, you can gain greater understanding of your world and of yourselves.

I like to use the analogy of a computer to give you an idea of how the Akashic Records works

A computer has a hard drive and software programs that are updated from time to time. This is the information contained in our Akashic Records as all of our thoughts, feelings, emotions etc. are continually being imprinted on the akashic field of energy and are preserved. Whatever becomes imprinted stays that way until and unless it is interacted with.

Also consider, a computer does not run on its own. It is programmed (hard drive and software), and we are continually working within those programs:

  • What is your hard drive capable of and what is imprinted upon it (what did you come into this lifetime with)? How much memory is stored?
  • How can you work with it (do you know how to work with your software programs, do you up-date them and when they are not in use, do you close them out or leave them running in the background)?

Consider how you use your software

What did you create, what did you forget to delete? Do you fully understand the software programs? Perhaps (probably unintentionally) you miscreate or misunderstand how your programs work. From this unintentional lack of understanding, you create patterns and road maps. Some take you where you want to go while others take you places you really wish you hadn’t visited.


Oh, but this is all the learning (karma). Learning how your operating system works and how you can keep what you want and shift, change or reprogram what no longer works for you.


Of course, there is much more to the process than what I have mentioned to this point, and I plan to include much more in the future posts. However, there is one more analogy I would like you to consider when making your decision to learn this elegant process to access your akashic records.


The life of your computer

This year I purchased a beautiful new computer. My old computer was ancient in computer years. It still worked but was slow and I had concerns that it was on its last legs. What happens when your old computers die out? What happens when the plug is pulled and the battery dies out?


Well, you can transfer the information onto the new computer (reincarnation). That’s the good news. However, many times the information does not transfer over exactly the same. Sometimes there may be information missing or found in another place. It may have been accidently deleted or pushed into another folder and you don’t know where to find it. Perhaps it doesn’t look the same in an up-dated format.

While science and technology have come a long way and have been beautifully perfected, “mistakes” and accidents still do occur.

In the akashic records, you are able to transcend time and space. Through your interaction with and in the records, you are able to investigate different lifetimes and how they are affecting you now. Consequently, you are able to implement corrections, gain insight, and change perspective from knowledge gained.


So, to answer your question: “Why learn to access your akashic records?”

The answer is manyfold and I have mentioned my top 7 below:

  • To find out who you are on a deeper level (knowledge)
  • Gain clarity about your “operating system” (repeating patterns)
  • Correct misunderstandings and perceived mistakes (forgiveness)
  • Find out about relationships and repeating patterns in your life (karma)
  • Build upon talents and gifts you have inherited (personal growth)
  • To live a fully empowered life, one of your own choosing rather one that
  • has been chosen for you. (realization of empowerment)
  • Now, you fill in the blank _______________________!


Nancy Duke

The author of this post is Nancy Haney Duke, Co-Founder of Divine Love Institute. In addition to Teaching others how to access their Akashic Records, Nancy frequently schedules Hypnosis and NLP Certification Training and holds Gendai Reiki circles and training for the Divine Love Institute community.

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