“Whatever thought has done in your life it can be undone through a shift in your awareness.” – Michael Beckwith, Founder of Agape International Spiritual Center

Become An Akashic Record Life Coach

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It has been quite a journey since you first began working in the Akashic Records. You have experienced profound changes in your own life. Consequently, now is the perfect time and opportunity for you to assist others in a totally different way. Your next step is to become an Akashic Record Life Coach.

This Level Shifts Your Perspective 180 Degrees

Before we begin, lets take a look at coaching.

When seeking the services of a Life Coach, most clients have made previous attempts at “trying” to solve their issues on their own. So, how can you, as a Life Coach help them?

As A Life Coach You Are Exactly That

For example, lets think of a sports coach. The coach is there to improve the  performance of the athlete. So, the coach inspires and motivates. In order to improve their performance and achieve their goals, the coach is the person the athlete is accountable to.

As A Life Coach You Are Also Concerned With Your Client’s Inner Life

This is why the Akashic Record holds empowering promise to affect lasting change. The

Akashic Life Coach

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relationship between you, the Life Coach and your client may seem quite personal. This is because it is.

Life Coaching is highly personalized because you are entering your client’s Akashic Record. Consequently, you also move deeper into the realm of enhancing the individual’s spiritual growth and achievements. And as a result, your client’s perspective and understanding is deepened and enhanced through your coaching.

A Coaching relationship is maintained on a professional level. The focus is on goals set forth by your client. First you work with your client to clarify their goals. Then “map” them out.  As a result, with your assistance as Coach, consulting in your Client’s Records, your goals are implemented.

The Relationship Between You As Coach, And Your Client Is Interactive

As a Coach, the relationship between you and your client is interactive, dynamic and ongoing.  As a result, your solutions are future oriented. Here you place your focus on future possibility from the perspective of the Record. Your client determines the area they want to work on. Consequently, the Akashic Record Life Coach may work within areas connected to:

  • Values and beliefs
  • Self confidence
  • Aspirations
  • Inner peace and contentment
  • Goals, achievements
  • Reclaiming fragments and more (Soul retrieval)

Are You Ready To Transform And Inspire As An Akashic Record Life Coach?

WPP BlueThe Akashic Record Life Coaching Program is for you if you desire to tap into the “wisdom” within the Akashic Records of your client. From there you are able to assist them to clear old patterns and develop their highest potential.

In The Role of A Life Coach The key difference Is:

  • As a Coach, you assist the client to gain perspective from the present
  • While Coaching, you work with clients to develop clear, well-formed outcomes
  • Your client is assisted to clarify goals and
  • Focus is placed on the present moving into the future

An Akashic Record, Wisdom Prayer Process® Life Coach

Works from the perspective and assumption that the client does not need to be “fixed.” This is because you consider the client the expert of their own life. This means for example, they are capable of choosing their own solutions. Your clients benefit from wisdom revealed in the Akashic Record as it pertains to their desired outcome.

Consequently, It is your role as a Life Coach to reveal information. You do this through the Akashic Records. As a result you will be offering a fresh perspective in contrast to old solutions. Consequently, we move the person being coached through time and space while remembering the client is always the authority of their life. This means they are empowered to choose their course of action with the perspective and wisdom of the Akashic Record.

As An Akashic Record Life Coach, You Meet Your Client Where They Are Right Now

The Akashic Life Coach meets you where you are in your life right now. The Coach accompanies the client along your journey. Consequently you as Coach, work with your client step by step to achieve their goals and dreams. Remembering your client takes responsibility and moves at their own pace, through time and space.

There may be times that you as an Akashic Record Life Coach will challenge or support your client by holding them accountable. As you take a look at future possibilities a coach may even be the client’s supporter through times of shifts and transformational change.

As An Akashic Record Life Coach, You Will Be There To See Your Client Through The Foggy Patches 

You will be able to offer support and accountability to your client as you delve deeper into the Record. Because you will be able to connect to choices that surface from the deepest and most profound levels of your client’s soul. The perspective you bring forth through the Coaching process will assist your client to reveal up-lifting solutions. As a result, your answers can offer clarity, reveal greater choices and open to opportunity for personal empowerment.

An Akashic Record Life Coach Is Not There To Give You Their Opinion

Or their well meaning advice. This means all information comes from and through the client’s Akashic Record. While Coaching, you and your client work closely together. Consequently, the Akashic Record Life Coach listens to the clients concerns, interests, and goals. You will be able to assist your client to personally and professionally reveal their dreams. And as a result, you formulate dreams, perspectives are expanded and you are able to bring choices into the forefront.

You can reveal and break through patterns, strategies and opportunities that can then be enhanced for change. Consequently, perspective coming from future possibilities as revealed through you in their Record, is in contrast to old solutions previously implemented by your client.

It Is The Role Of The Akashic Record Life Coach To Assist Their Client

It is the coach’s role to assist the client to identify old patterns ready to be shifted and/or released. This naturally reveals new possibility. Consequently, the client finds themself on their path to achievement.

We then bring to the light aspects of the clients shadow self for greater clarity, freedom and accelerated growth.

In Akashic Record Life Coaching You Work Together To Develop Strategies That Achieve Your Client’s Goals

An Akashic Life Coach maintains an ongoing relationship with the client based on trust and goals. These goals are agreed upon at the time the Coach is engaged.

Generally speaking, Coaching can run from three months, six months or one year basis. In Akashic Record Coaching, it is appropriate to work with personal and professional goals that:

  • Assist your client to tap into their inner purpose
  • Connect to your client’s Karmic and life path
  • Assist with your client’s career development
  • Access inner resources and well-being of your client
  • Develop strategies that bring about measurable, sustainable, extraordinary outcomes and
  • Take a glimpse into your client’s future possibilities now available to you.

An Akashic Record Life Coach has met the requirements of the Wisdom Prayer Process® Akashic Records Life Coach Program. In addition to class time, the Program includes successful completion of required assignments and Mentorship.

In The Akashic Record, Wisdom Prayer Process® Program You Have The Opportunity To:
  • Be Attuned to two additional Prayers (Keys), the Akashic Record Mastery Prayer for self and others
  • Work with additional encoded Prayers (Keys) not contained within the Akashic DLIRecord Levels I, II or III. You experience the exciting, inspiring and uplifting Workshop that moves you beyond time and space.
  • You learn advanced techniques to Reclaim and integrate soul fragments lost throughout time
  • Learn how you can become a Life Coach with the Akashic Record.
  • You attune to the Wisdom Prayer Process® Mastery Prayers (Keys) for self and others
  • Be Mentored by Nancy Haney Duke, Certified Teacher, Master Instructor and Creator of the Wisdom Prayer Process®
  • Work in the “Field” as you learn.  Coaching has unique aspects that make it different from Consulting.  You learn to create and coach as you manifest your business. As a result, attract clients in the Akashic Record.

To become an Akashic Record Life Coach now:



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