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There are people in 7 categories who most often learn and benefit from accessing their Akashic Records are:


The Records can help anyone with just about anything in their lives

Working in the Records is a way for you to view situations and events from a different perspective and level of consciousness. Many times, the shift in perspective alone creates space that promotes healing and self-love to shift the situation.

Viewing your life through the lens of Akashic also aids you in being the observer of your life. As you practicezip-away-the-curtain being the observer, new ideas have room to spring forth to help you let go of past “perceived” mistakes or unfortunate circumstances. And, as a result, a plethora of divine possibilities have room to unfold before you.

New possibilities are revealed and you must choose. Becoming aware of greater choices and outcomes does not make it automatically happen. Consequently, creating a better life is like a contact sport. This means that in order to be successful, you must participate and be in the game of life.

How can you be successful working in the Records?

So, after teaching Akashic Records for several years and after thousands of consultations with clients like you, I have noticed that clients like you who work in the Records successfully tend to fit into certain categories. As you read about the categories below, notice if this sounds familiar.

  1. Are you someone who is looking for answers?

Usually this is a person like you who recognizes repeating patterns in your life. You have “tried” to fix the situation on your own but keep coming up against a brick wall. Consequently, from time to time, you may be heard asking the question:

Q: “Why me?”


  1. Could you be someone who is looking for and ready for change?

If you feel stuck in life then this is you. You’re not happy where you are. And, you know there must be more than this … but … don’t know what? While dissatisfied with your life as it is, the solution has not yet appeared or seems to be out of reach.

In fact, we are really never truly “stuck.” An empowering question you can ask to begin uncoupling you from that feeling of “stuckness” could be:

Q: “What (or who) can I release to move forward in life?”


  1. Perhaps you’re someone who wants to improve your life?

This is you if you feel an urgency to move forward. Your life is OK, but you recognize you are capable of much more and are ready to explore possibilities. A simple question to ask yourself in the Records would be:

Q: “How can I reach my full potential.” Or

Q: “What can I release to achieve my full potential and what do I need to embrace?”


  1. Are you someone who is ready to heal your past and don’t know how?

How can you heal events ofsawing-off-a-branch your past? We all have “karma” to work with. Sometimes you may be allowing your pain of the past to keep you anchored to past events. To heal you must forgive, it’s just that simple. Forgiveness begins a process to view your life from a different perspective while taking responsibility for your part in the situation. From there you can begin to heal and honor your journey to freedom and wholeness. A powerful question to ask is:

Q: What is the most import person or event for me to forgive?


  1. Maybe you’re someone who feels your life is out of control and you’re looking for a spiritual solution?

There are times you feel overwhelmed. Life just seems to take you over and you find yourself gradually losing a grip on what you want to do or accomplish. You find yourself being the effect of your life instead of the cause and you don’t want to take medication. The Akashic Records can reveal the sources of your stress (which may not be what you think) and assist you to find a natural solution. You may want to ask:

Q: “What do I need to do (or let go of) to bring peace to my life?”
Q: “And, how can I bring harmony to my soul?


  1. You might be someone who wants to be the “cause” rather than the “effect” of your life:

This is someone like you who is ready to take responsibility for your life.

Usually you’ve stepped back in life, not wanted to be in the limelight. And while you’ve wanted to get ahead, you did not want to step on others toes to get there. In order not to hurt other’s feelings or disturb the peace, you’ve settled for second place in life. It’s not unusual for someone in this situation to develop a life changing illness. The illness serves as a catalyst to prompt personal change. Some simple questions for you to ask might be:

Q: What must I do (or think) to change the direction of my life?
Q: How can I heal, create a new identity (think differently about myself) and claim my personal power?

  1. Are you someone who finally realizes your life is no longer working, it HAS to change. You realize if change is to occur it HAS to begin with you. And, you also realize you can’t wait any longer, it HAS to begin now:

resigningIf this is you, you are at threshold. You have put things off and allowed them to build up until they can no longer do so. Many times, you have reached a crisis point in life and this is the less painful way to make it through. The pain of your past has reached the point that change is less painful than remaining the same. So, in order to take action, you are moving away from the pain of the past and welcome an unknown future. These are people like you who are truly ready to let-go of their past to confidently create an empowered future … they are ready. This is a truly wonderful and exciting place to be and I am here to assist you to forge the way. You can begin by asking:

Q: How can I create a future that empowers me?
Q: What do I need to release?
Q: And, what do I need to embrace?
Q: Then, what is my next step?

If you can find yourself in any of the 7 categories above, you may want to consider learning how to access your own Akashic Records to heal your life and move forward. People who benefit the most are people at threshold. We call it threshold because they are standing in the doorway. The door has been opened and you have only to enter to empower yourself. Thus your new life begins because … you are ready!

Please call me today and schedule a class so you can learn how to access your Akashic Records and begin the exciting, liberating process to create your newly empowered life!



Nancy Duke

The author of this post is Nancy Haney Duke, Co-Founder of Divine Love Institute. In addition to Teaching others how to access their Akashic Records, Nancy frequently schedules Hypnosis and NLP Certification Training and holds Gendai Reiki circles and training for the Divine Love Institute community.

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